We specialize in helping people feel healthier, happier, and more energized through natural healing techniques and alternatives.  

Hi, I'm Debbie.

I'm so pleased you are here. It means we share the same passion - natural healing!  

My journey started years ago when my daughter was injured on the basketball court. A massage therapist began rubbing oils on my daughter, telling me the healing properties of each oil.

 What should have taken weeks to recover, only took days. I was so impressed at the speed of healing that I began my journey with extensive research and education - so that I too - could help others. 

After getting certified to do body applications with essential oils and Vita-Flex (working on the reflex points of the body) through CARE, I continued my education by getting my Aromatherapist Certification through Aroma Hut. I'm licensed under the National Therapies Certification Board. 

How to Amp Up Your Life

You can now decide to write your own life story of successes like I have. 

It is something you won't ever regret.

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